Yo La Tengo at the Bell House

Yo La Tengo playing at the Bell House.

Last week I saw Yo La Tengo for the second time, this time at the Bell House in Brooklyn. It was a smaller show than when I saw them at Brooklyn Bowl in the fall, which made for a more intimate concert. It was their second of two nights at the Bell House, and both had two sets, the first determined by spinning a Wheel of Fortune type device. For our concert, it landed on I’d Like to Buy a Vowel, which meant they spent the first 45 minutes playing only songs of theirs that started with vowels, such as “Autumn Sweater” and “Alyda,” as well as some older, more reverb heavy songs. Okay, most every Yo La Tengo song has a heavy dose of reverb, but these had waves of it. I really don’t know how lead singer Ira Kaplan’s guitars make it through more than one show with all the abuse they take. Both times I’ve seen Yo La Tengo, I’ve been especially impressed by how a three-person band can create so much noise, and by their constant rotation on instruments and vocals. Lucky for us all, they play often in Brooklyn, and I’m looking forward to their next show.

Want to listen to the whole concert? The incredible NYC Taper was there!

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