Buenos Aires, Day 4: Street Art Tour

Much of my fourth day in Buenos Aires was spent exploring the amazing street art that adorns almost every corner of the city. I did an extensive blog post on the street art tour I took, organized by Graffiti Mundo, that you can read here on Atlas Obscura. However, I wanted to share some more photos below. The most amazing thing about street art in Buenos Aires is that it’s almost entirely not criminalized, allowing the creation of a public dialogue through art.

I also really loved seeing the edges of Palermo, which would have been difficult for me to seek out on my own. The guides had rented a minibus for the tour, so we were able to stop by a lot of the more remote and obscure street art examples. One faced what seemed to be a carriage depot, shown above.

Some of the artists I  became enamored with were Jaz, who paints anthropomorphic fighting characters; Ever, who paints gorgeous portraits where colorful “dreams” are seeping out of eyes; Pum Pum, who creates what is probably the most adorable street art in the world; and Gualicho, who constructs collages of creatures that often cover entire buildings.

Since the artists are able to paint in broad daylight, there are tons of really massive works, like this towering chicken. It’s easier to set up a ladder for the day if you’re not worried about the cops.

Besides viewing works on the streets, we also got to stop by the studio used by Jaz and Ever. They had two very charming cats.

The tour ended at a bar that invites street artists to paint on its walls, both inside and from the roof. It ends up being an archive of the current and past art that reflects the pulse of Buenos Aires.

Read the Atlas Obscura blog post and see more pictures here on my flickr.

One thought on “Buenos Aires, Day 4: Street Art Tour

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