Buenos Aires, Day 4: Café Tortoni and a Lonely Procession

[We now return to my adventures in Argentina…]

My fourth day in Buenos Aires was Good Friday, and after thoroughly viewing the street art in Palermo, I met up with Cecilia and Jacob to head towards the Plaza de Mayo. The street in front of the Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires was closed to traffic and there a Good Friday mass was taking place. The music was being broadcasted on speakers up the avenue, so that you could hear it everywhere. The classical-inspired building above doesn’t look much like what you would expect of a cathedral in South America, but it’s the center of Catholicism in the city.

There was supposed to be some sort of procession, but all we saw was one person carrying a banner while a few scattered people walked along who may or may not have been part of it. It was a little strange. Maybe we missed the party.

While it’s anything but off the beaten path, we decided to get a drink at the iconic Café Tortoni. The cafe has been around since 1858, created, unsurprisingly, by coffee-loving Frenchmen. It’s been in its current location since 1880. A bit overpriced and touristy, all visitors to Buenos Aires should still stop in to see the beautiful space.

Right across from our table was a statue of Jorge Luis Borges, the Argentine author of dreams and labyrinths. Apparently he was a patron of the cafe.

Okay, will be catching up on the rest of Argentina, soon!

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