The Decemberists in Prospect Park

I hadn’t seen the Decemberists since college, and haven’t really followed their new music since about 2007, but their literary-minded indie rock has still kept a steady rotation in my carefully curated iTunes collection. Recently I saw them perform on a rather rainy evening in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Luckily I, and most everyone else, had our umbrellas. But did it only make it rain more?

Best Coast opened, and I really wasn’t into them. All their music had the same power chords and bland, bored sound so that I really can’t remember even a snatch of music. Anyway, once we were past that, the Decemberists put on a really great show. I was surprised to find myself actually liking some songs off Hazards of Love, which I honestly never gave a chance, and also enjoyed music from their new release, The King is Dead. Still, old timey fan that I am, I most enjoyed the “classics” (using this word liberally) like “We Both Go Down Together.” And Colin Meloy looks great with a beard.

2 thoughts on “The Decemberists in Prospect Park

  1. […] The rain was persistent, but the Decemberists made standing in a soggy Prospect Park enjoyable. It was first time I’d seen them since college and I’d actually not really listened to their new music. It was all great, and I’m currently enjoying their new album, The King is Dead. Also, who knew Colin Meloy had it in him to jump that far in the air? Awesome. [Blog Recap] […]

  2. […] in recent years, although their early album were college listening staples. However, I found myself going to see them in Prospect Park this summer and instantly was enamored with their songs off their 2011 album The King is Dead. […]

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