Buenos Aires Day 5: Roaming the Day and Night Streets

Chocolate Shop

After exploring La Recoleta Cemetery and the church next door, we wandered through the market that was set up outside of the cemetery and had lunch in the grass. Then we walked over to the significantly fancier part of Recoleta to a chocolate shop that Cecilia had researched. I don’t remember the exact flavors I picked at random, but I do remember they were delicious. And the shop was incredibly charming and full of people buying Easter candy. We then had coffee at a cafe, which came with an astounding number of extras: three miniature croissants, orange juice, sparkling water… I think there might have been other pastries involved. Pretty wonderful.

Teatro Colón

That night we attempted to see a ballet at the Teatro Colón, but unfortunately it was sold out. However, we still got to see the stunning theatre at night. Apparently it is among the acoustically best in the world. We will just have to imagine from here.

Interior of the Teatro Colón

Teatro Colón stairs

We did get to see the entry hall, which was topped with this elegant stained glass dome that reminded me a little of Printemps in Paris. The threatre opened in 1908 with a production of Aida, replacing a theatre that had opened in 1857.

Exterior of the theatre

Cars driving by the theatre

After declining into desrepair, the Teatro Colón was recently renovated and reopened in 2010. No wonder it felt a bit like we’d stepped into a time portal to its 20th century opening night grandeur.

Night on the grand avenues

Outside, the city was beautiful with lights gleaming on its grand avenues. Some cities become ghosts of themselves at night, details masked in shadows and sidewalks empty of people. But Buenos Aires comes more alive the later it gets and the streetlights shine gorgeously on the curved ornaments decorating the buildings.

Monument at night.

Building detail.


We decided to head to Palermo for a drink and enjoy the cool weather from a table on the sidewalk.

One more Argentina day left to blog!

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