The Antlers at the Ace Hotel

The Antlers!

I can’t say the internet never got me anything. (I mean, besides a job and email and blog fame and whatever.) Through a series of social networking actions involving twitter and carried out on my iPhone while I was waiting for the stamp press to heat up in letterpress class (I’m not sure if any of that statement is cool), I found myself on the Antlers’ guest list for a “secret” show at the Ace Hotel (which is beyond cool, AWESOME). I was still somewhat regretting that I’d given up my Antlers ticket for the Find the Future library game a few months ago, as I’d really wanted to hear their new album live, so this was a wonderful surprise.  Even better, there was a Patrón open bar and Patrón popsicles (who knew those existed?).

The Antlers played a somewhat short set, mostly with music off their new album, which I’m obsessed with. You might remember I saw them last year on Pier 54. Their new moody album, Burst Apart, isn’t exactly cheery (with songs like “Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out” and “Putting the Dog to Sleep”), but compared to Hospice, a doomed love story where one person is dying and the other is their caretaker, it’s like blinding sunlight. But I don’t listen to the Antlers because I want to dance, unless it’s a swaying movement with my eyes closed and empty Patrón in my hand. I listen because their music is so beautiful and emotionally vulnerable and captivating. Lead singer Peter Silberman’s voice is so rawly ethereal and haunted. It’s soft like a whisper, even when yelled out. Check out the videos someone took below, and apologies for the noise of the crowd. While there were a lot of people obviously thrilled to hear the Antlers, there were just as many that came for the open bar. Too many Patrón popsicles!

3 thoughts on “The Antlers at the Ace Hotel

  1. m says:

    Patron Popsicles…who knew!

  2. […] This was far from an ideal concert viewing experience, what with a crowd mostly at the “secret” free show for the free drinks and free Patron popsicles. Add to that the fact that the Antlers are a band of ethereal, delicate sound and it could have been a disaster. Somehow it wasn’t, at least to me. I also had a few Patron popsicles, of course. Even if it was a little noisy in the Ace Hotel basement, I still really enjoyed the show and the Antlers were fully committed to every song. Plus, their new album, Burst Apart, cannot be listened to enough. [Blog Recap] […]

  3. […] no matter how many times I listen to it. I was also lucky enough to see them play a free “secret” show at the Ace Hotel this year, after seeing them play on Pier 54 in 2010. I can’t wait to hear what music […]

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