Jazz Age Lawn Party


What could be better than drinking Saint-Germain cocktails while having a picnic accompanied by a phonograph DJ? What if everyone was dressed like they just stumbled out of the Great Gatsby? And there was also a rather fantastic band and everyone was dancing? Yes, that would be hard to beat, especially with such beautiful weather. A couple weekends ago, I took the ferry to Governors Island with a crowd of mustachioed bicyclists, Daisy Buchanan-lookalikes, and their Jay Gatsbys to the Jazz Age Lawn Party. The event happens a couple times a year and is basically an excuse for everyone to dress up and pretend they are living the Rockefeller life. Enjoy the pictures below! The weather was perfect, and as always it is lovely to go to Governors Island, which is frequently transporting, but even more so when you feel like you’ve suddenly dropped into the 1920s. A few Saint-Germain drinks helps with the effect.


Our Jazz Age posse:





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