The Night that Turned to Morning

I know, I know, another concert post! But this time I’ll give you something more. I had one of those surprisingly long nights a few Saturdays ago, the kind that is both euphoric at times and tragic at others when you find yourself walking in the rain at 4 am…

We started in DUMBO with an intensely hot art opening at Kunsthalle Galapagos. You can read all about it at that link. I am so ready for the return of fall, when the air won’t hang so heavily over everything and I can wear jackets. Anyway, from there we proceeded to Fort Greene to have dinner at Habana Outpost. Then we went up to Williamsburg to the Brooklyn Bowl. The Naked and Famous, an incredibly charming dance/indie band from New Zealand (they were on my favorite 40 songs of 2010 list), were playing at midnight.

Coincidentally, I’d actually seen them that Sunday before at their free show in Central Park. Well, I didn’t exactly see them. I sat in the grass outside the concert area to listen rather than fight the dense crowds, so this concert at Brooklyn Bowl made up for my earlier concert laziness. They were great in both settings, although the crowd at Brooklyn Bowl was a little odd. Many of the people seemed to be not interested in the concert at all, maybe dropped off from some sort of “tour Williamsburg” excursion that left from Murray Hill. Anyway, it didn’t really matter, the show was great, there were enough enthusiastic concert goers to make up for the rest of the crowd. The band was just as sharp live as on their albums, even when the drums oddly dropped out of their first song. But such things happen.

Most of my concert posts would end there, but let’s keep going. When the concert came to an end, we were confronted with a huge storm outside. Rain was cascading down into the streets. We sprinted to the relatively close Berry Park, and even though some of us had umbrellas, we all ended up equally soaked by the time we were there. Inside everyone seemed to have just escaped the rain storm, and were dancing badly to classic rock to celebrate. It was great fun. But I did eventually have to go home…

The return trip started out well. I got the L to Union Square, and soon got an N train to Brooklyn. But the train suddenly stopped at Lawrence-MetroTech and everyone was told to get off. So we did, and I waited, thinking another train would come. But one did not and eventually they told us there would be no trains on that train. I transferred to an F train, took it to 9th St./4th Avenue, and tried again to board an N train. I waited for what seemed like forever, with an increasingly irritable crowd. (It was probably about 4:30 am at this point.) Finally, I gave up, realizing that no trains would ever come that morning, and walked the 13 blocks to my apartment. Unfortunately, it was still pouring, and I arrived exhausted and drenched. I could see the sun coming up through the rain before I went to sleep. Oh well, it was worth it. I did see the MTA finally sent service advisories at about 8 am that morning. Which was a few hours to late to be useful.

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