Oklahoma Rising

As you all probably know, I hail from the great state of Oklahoma and therefore take my holidays there. This past weekend I flew to Oklahoma City for Thanksgiving and, along with consuming much food and zoning out to a Pawn Stars marathon,  I got some time to catch up on the city. Even though it’s only been a few years since I lived there, the city has changed, and continues to change, at an astonishing rate. The most visible change is the Devon Tower, photographed above. It dwarfs all the other buildings downtown, appearing to be twice as tall as all of them. Wild! I do hope they have some sort of bar or restaurant on top and are prepared for tornadoes.

Across from the Devon Tower, the Myriad Gardens were looking quite spiffy, with lots of new landscaping and a shined-up Crystal Bridge. Of course, it being on the cusp of winter, the landscaping was mostly in shades of brown, but it was still way more pleasing than the overgrown jungle that used to have the run of the place.

The Crystal Bridge greenhouse was looking great inside as well. The panes of glass were actually clear! It made such a difference and really opened up a space that used to be rather dreary. The plants looked pleased as well.

There were a lot of lovely flowers dotting the interior gardens, including some lovely orchids. It was great to come in from the cold to the humid space.

We ventured down to the Oklahoma River, where this new Chesapeake Finish Line Tower was gleaming like a monument to Oklahoma modernism.

Right alongside it is the striking Devon Boathouse, also newly completed, and looking like some sort of starship.

Later we saw all the OKC sights again, this time in lego form! Above is the Myriad Gardens and Devon Tower in the Oklahoma Lego Cityscape.

There was even a lego Oklahoma City Memorial.

There were a few inaccuracies… unless there have been some robot battles on the Colcord Hotel that I don’t know about.

We made two trips to the Oklahoma City zoo, hoping to see the new baby tigers. Unfortunately, it was rather cold both times (and very windy and rain for one) and not ideal weather for small creatures. However, the big cats seemed to be just fine.

This sleeping leopard was also out. I wonder if the cats have heated rocks? They seemed to be drawn to them like a housecat who sleeps over the heating vent.

Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips recently opened a gallery called the Womb. It was closed when we went by, but I think the best art was probably on the outside.

I also stopped by Untitled [ArtSpace] where I used to work.

And we visited the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, which has this towering Dale Chihuly glass thing in the window.

On the Friday of my visit, we drove to Tulsa and tailgated before the TU vs. Houston game.

Alas, no win for Tulsa. But it was fun nonetheless, even if the wind was strong and cold.

The time did come for my return to NYC. But the winter holidays are soon and I’m looking forward to spending some more time in Oklahoma. Although for now, New York is awfully festive.

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