Photographs from Industrial Brooklyn

To coincide with a story I wrote for Brooklyn Based that came out today on the South Brooklyn industrial waterfront, I thought I would post some photos from my scouting expedition. Although I live just north of the industrial area, which is dominated by Bush Terminal and Brooklyn Army Terminal and bounded by the Gowanus Expressway and the harbor, I had never spent a morning just walking around the warehouses. It’s an odd place, at once peaceful and transporting to an earlier point in New York history (the area was at its peak with World War II), but also still busy with the constant roar of cars overhead and cluttered with the remains of current and past commerce. Here is your photo tour:

Many of the warehouses are now empty, and you can peak through open windows to the vast spaces inside.

Most of the buildings are painted an eggshell color, but this building at Bush Terminal is a sky blue.

The buildings form imposing canyons with reaches of sky.

Here is where the ferry docks. I wonder if I could take it somewhere?

Although used much less frequently, there are still train tracks to the warehouses. I’m not sure if these in particular are used. They seem a litte out of shape.

Here is an old train left on the tracks.

And here is a child’s toy kitchen left curiously on the pavement.

Some of the brick warehouses from when this was an area of waterfront commerce for Scandinavian immigrants still remain, although in disrepair.

My walk ended at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Considering at that point I had walked about 30 blocks, I decided to take the R train home.

2 thoughts on “Photographs from Industrial Brooklyn

  1. deliriumdog says:

    I dunno about you, but whenever I see boarded up warehouses I can’t help but dream of possibilities–usually involving living and working a gigantic art & music studio.

  2. Allie says:

    There are some art studios down there that have amazing space! But so much also left empty. It will be interesting to see if in 10 years they are totally inhabited, or just as quiet.

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