Manchester Weekend: Days 3-4

I’ll wrap up my weekend jaunt to Manchester to visit my friend Helen during my trip to England with a few highlights. One of course being this delightful bird paste-up that I spotted under a bridge near a street bookseller. Weirdly, this bookseller turned out to be a guy from New York. Because I suppose where you came from is always closer than you think.

There is a lot of odd public art in Manchester, with my favorite being a silver, freestanding broom. However, the most decadent was definitely this homage to Vimto, a cordial soda from Manchester. The monument was carved from an oak tree, with all the various Vimto ingredients included. Cheers!

One evening we went out to a club, which had me worried until we got there and I found that it was nothing like the dens of pounding music and sweltering heat in New York, but instead a rather indie-cool dance party. There were even some skulls on the wall, so of course I felt at home. Also, weirdly, there was Brooklyn Brewery beer on tap.

Although Manchester isn’t what I’d call beautiful, with most things block shaped and brick, but there are some touches of elegance. The dome of the Palace Hotel is particularly gorgeous, looking more like an old train station than a hotel.

On Easter Sunday, we had high tea with Helen’s mom and grandmom, and it was an abundance of delicious food. I wish I could find good scones in New York! Surely people must be taking tea in some secret, glamorous corner of this city.

We visited the Manchester Art Gallery on my last day, which had casts of the Elgin Marbles all around its lobby. It is a small, public gallery, with a strong collection of English art.

I did notice something strange about one of the old, regal statues. Were those… smiley faces on his eyes?? It seems some sneaky museum visitor was causing mischief. Or some 19th century nobleman had an odd sense of humor.

I was glad to have spent a decent amount of time visiting a friend I hadn’t seen in ages, and loved exploring a city that was completely new. However, it came time for me to board the train back to London for more adventures there!

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