Afternoon at the Natural History Museum

This may never come up for you, but I would highly advise against trying to meet up with someone inside the American Museum of Natural History on a Sunday afternoon. For one, the crowds are insane, there are screaming children swarming all corners, and you’ll probably see more than one person inexplicably bang on the glass of the dioramas, as if they are awakening the long dead beasts. Second, there is only rare cell service in the museum, except for the Gallery of Asian Mammals on the first floor, which also has no air conditioning. Anyway, somehow my group of five eventually made a rendez-vous in the vast museum, and I did snap a few taxidermy shots that I thought I would share (I can’t resist photographing old dioramas). Our reason for visiting the museum last weekend was to see the Creatures of Light bioluminescence exhibit, which I found interesting, but underwhelming, except for an aquarium of lantern fish that were really cool. Otherwise it was a lot of text and little on physical displays, although being in the dark and quiet was nice.  Why not have an angler fish that is four hundred times its size that you walk through? They should have asked me for more lively ideas.

Anyway, it is still one of my favorite places, and I would contend the best natural history museum I have yet to visit in the States. So enjoy this photo post! And I am happy to join you there, but let’s meet on the steps outside.

Click here to read about another visit I made to the American Museum of Natural History. 

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