Surprise Concert at Glasslands: The Antlers

So many of my “I’m just going to go home and answer my week old emails and open month old mail” evenings get thwarted, because there is always some temptation in New York, and this Monday it was a surprise “secret” concert with one of my favorite bands, the Antlers, at Glasslands in Brooklyn. The concert was announced in the morning and sold out in minutes. They’ve reached such a level where they are playing much bigger venues, so seeing them at tiny Glasslands was impossible to pass up.

It was a little sweltering in the space, and of course crowded, but it was an incredible show that worked through their newest material, their 2012 album Undersea, back to Burst Apart and Hospice. It all flowed beautifully together, led by singer Peter Silberman’s forlorn falsetto over the ethereal and lush sounds from the wonderful band. Tim Mislock on guitar was especially impressive (I’m not sure if I’d seen him play with the Antlers before) and even took a walk into the ground, with the photographers for various music blogs trampling through the crowd after. The Antlers ended their set with the powerful “Wake,” that concludes with the earnest chorus that somehow gets me every time: “Don’t ever let anyone tell you you deserve that.” You can listen for yourself, because the prolific NYC Taper recorded the whole thing!

Or here, just watch it, courtesy a steady handed audience member. Enjoy the cloud-like Glasslands art installation above the stage:

And, why not, here is “No Widows,” which you may remember was my favorite song of 2011:

And we’ll end with their popular hospital-set heartbreaker “Two”:

2 thoughts on “Surprise Concert at Glasslands: The Antlers

  1. deliriumdog says:

    I think they’re an evolution from shoegaze to middle-distance-gaze.

  2. Allie says:

    Hmm, I will have to disagree. I think live, and on their records as well, they are a slow build to some really hard hitting moments, and even if those aren’t sustained the whole time the more “gazey” sections are just as scorching, even if it’s a slow, quiet burn. More in line I think with Sigur Ros than Slowdive (who I also love), although they definitely have some of Slowdive’s headiness, but less resigned.

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