Explore NYC Cemeteries With Me

Want to experience the exploration of this blog in person? I’m leading a series of walks in NYC cemeteries this fall with Atlas Obscura. Last Sunday we visited Green-Wood in Brooklyn, and tomorrow is Woodlawn. There are upcoming explorations in the East Village and Bayside as well. See the full schedule here.

Tickets are still available to join me tomorrow for an obscure art/history walk through Woodlawn Cemetery. The place has 1,300 mausoleums, but we will scout out a few that are especially interesting, like the Untermyer Memorial designed by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney in 1925, the Belmont Mausoleum that replicates the St. Hubert Chapel in Amboise, France where DaVinci is interred (supposedly), and another that mimics Trajan’s Kiosk, a temple to Isis, in Egypt. Should be fun! Get a preview with this previous adventure recapped on my blog.

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