Reviewing 2016, at the Dawn of 2017


Hello old blog! I seem to only revisit this site for reviewing the previous year, but I think it’s still an important outlet to have, when I need it. 2016 was definitely a building year in life, where I finally got my own apartment, in a building overlooking a beautiful Brooklyn park, and managed to pay for it only with writing (and a few cemetery tours and talks). The process of that was exhausting. However, I did travel, from Montreal to Route 66 to New Orleans, with some of my favorite friends. I also became an aunt!

Life is never a smooth field to walk over, there are always the rocks, maybe left from some old glacier you thought had long melted away, or holes you haven’t quite patched, waiting to twist an ankle. Hills appear unexpectedly, and are steeper than expected once you start to climb. I’ll try not to turn this into rather mediocre pastoral poetry, just to say that I value those people who give me their trust, love, and friendship on this strange and unpredictable path. Also, in my seventh year in New York, I get to unlock mausoleums and bring people inside to talk about dead magicians and occult history, and that’s pretty great, no matter what else happens next.

Writing is now my full-time job, so, for better or worse, that means that’s all I do for 40 hours a week, which can mean a lot of stories slip through the flow of endless internet content. I thought I would corral a few of them here… for my curiosity, if nothing else. Oh and I’m still visiting and writing about New York City’s greatest trees, but you can read all about them on my dedicated Tumblr.

And I got to meet this celebrity llama:


And see all these beautiful, magical, and curious things:


Chinatown, NYC


Cherry blossoms, Brooklyn Botanic Garden


Blizzard in Brooklyn


Prune Nourry’s colossal head at the Invisible Dog


Saint Roch Cemetery, New Orleans


Kayaking, New Orleans


Frog friend, New Orleans


Corpse flower, The Bronx


Secret Mausoleum Club, Brooklyn


Opening a mausoleum for a cemetery tour


Prospect Park, Brooklyn


Rockaway Beach, NYC


Great Salt Plains, Oklahoma


Biosphere, Montreal


Taryn Simon, Park Avenue Armory


Tree of Life, New Orleans


Abandoned morgue, Ellis Island


Dead Horse Bay, Brooklyn


Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn


Bayside Cemetery, Queens


Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Cheers to 2017! This world right now is rather terrifying, but that there is still adventure and discovery to be had, and people who want to share in it, gives me hope.


One thought on “Reviewing 2016, at the Dawn of 2017

  1. Sara Hassan says:

    Allison, I love reading your writing and the subjects you choose. You are the shining jewel of Hyperallergic. Thank you!

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