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February in the Heights

I recently made an expedition to the wilds of Brooklyn Heights for a story for Brooklyn Based, where I stopped by the former residences of Truman Capote and H.P. Lovecraft, and the legendary 7 Middagh where Auden, George Davis, Carson McCullers, and Gypsy Rose Lee lived with a rotating cast of bohemians. I thought I would share some Brooklyn Heights photos from the expedition, although it being February, it was a bit dreary. Still, the stately homes on the coast of Brooklyn (it’s technically a coast, right?) always make for a relaxing weekend stroll, and the esplanade overlooking the water with a view to Manhattan is always stunning.

Here is your photo tour:

169 Clinton Street, where HP Lovecraft once lived.

This Brooklyn Heights home at 58 Joralemon is actually a disguised entrance to a subway tunnel and is owned by the MTA.

Here is another view of 58 Joralemon, with all its windows blacked out.

Goat with a pipe? A long beard? A long tongue?

91 Remsen where Henry Miller lived.

View from the esplanade to Manhattan.

70 Willow Street where Truman Capote lived.

Oldest house in Brooklyn at the intersection of Midddagh and Willow.