Updates on the published writings and press of Allison C. Meier, author of Allez, Allie. (Currently, these archives only include 2012.)

December 2012

“Brooklyn History: A Tale of Two Explorers” for Brooklyn Based, a story on the arctic explorer Frederick Cook, who claimed to be the first at the North Pole ahead of Robert Peary, and his still-standing Bushwick home.

“Our Robots, Ourselves” on Hyperallergic, an article on two recent art experience to involve robotics: Aurélien Bory’s Sans Objet at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Björn Schülke’s Luftraum at bitforms gallery

November 2012

“The Power of Perspective and Light in Louis Kahn’s FDR Four Freedoms Park” on Hyperallergic, an essay on the newly opened FDR Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island, designed by the late architect Louis Kahn.

“REMIX! Is the Magic Still There?” on Hyperallergic, a recap of the RE/Mixed Media Festival at the Brooklyn Lyceum.

“An Artist Caught Between Two Floods” on Hyperallergic, a review of Phong Bui’s exhibit at Show Room Gallery.

“24 Questions for Domestic Still Life Photographer Laura Letinsky” for Artinfo.

October 2012

“Exploring Art in Odd Places 2012: Model” on Hyperallergic, a recap of this year’s Art in Odd Places that brings unexpected art to 14th Street and Union Square.

“Brooklyn History: The Singularly Curious Weeping Elm” for Brooklyn Based, the story of the Camperdown Elm in Prospect Park and how it was saved by a modernist poet.

“21 Questions For Artist and Canine Collaborator William Wegman” for Artinfo.

“17 Questions For ‘Black Dadaist’ Adam Pendleton” for Artinfo.

“Diving into the Static of Some Recent Digital and Electronic Arts” on Hyperallergic, a review of the 2011 Digital/Electronic Arts NYFA Fellows Exhibit at the New York Foundation for the Arts.

“ARTIST TO WATCH: Juliette Losq Captures the Ominous Beauty of Abandoned Places” for Artinfo, a profile of British artist Juliette Losq.

September 2012

“New Museum Fondly Remembers a Grittier Bowery in Historical Show” for Artinfo, a review of “Come Closer, Art Around the Bowery, 1969-1989” at the New Museum.

“A Home That Makes the Old Masters Come Alive” for Hyperallergic, on the Dennis Severs’ House in London, a “living painting” in a house in the Spitalfields neighborhood.

“Accursed Canvasses: Exploring the Macabre Market for Haunted Painting Online” for Artinfo, a look into the genre of supernatural art for sale online.

“Three LES Shows Reveal a World of Hidden Details” on Hyperallergic, a review of three shows in Lower East Side galleries: Thomas Allen’s Beautiful Evidence at Foley Gallery, Matt Bahen’s The Weight of Light at Munch Gallery, and Valerie Hegarty’s Figures, Flowers, Fruit at Nicelle Beauchene.

“13 Questions With Artist and Sonic Youth Cofounder Kim Gordon” for Artinfo.

“27 Questions With Irreverent Conceptual Artist Mark Flood” for Artinfo.

“Brooklyn History: Prospect Park” for Brooklyn Based, chronicling the creation by Olmsted and Vaux and beyond of Brooklyn’s largest park.

“GO Sunset Park: An Emerging Art Community” for Hyperallergic, a recap of wandering the GO Brooklyn open studios in the Sunset Park industrial area in south Brooklyn.

“Trevor Paglen and Werner Herzog Talked About Space Under the Stars Last Night in Bryant Park” for Artinfo, a report on a talk with artist Paglen and filmmaker Herzog on Paglen’s The Last Pictures project, which is a gold disc of images being sent into space.

August 2012

“Midwestern Futurism: The Endangered Legacy of an Avant-garde Architect” on Hyperallergic, an essay on the work of architect Bruce Goff and his legacy. This story was also featured by Salon.

“17 Questions for Artist Julika Rudelius” for Artinfo.

Review of “The Murder of Crows,” an immersive sound installation by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller in the Park Avenue Armory, on Hyperallergic.

“Can a Kickstarter Project Turn the Broken Angel, Brooklyn’s Architectural Oddity, Into a Museum?” for Artinfo.

“Symbiotic Cooperation: Concept/OK Residency Artist Sarah Hearn” for Art Focus, a profile on Sarah Hearn and her lichen art project.

“Shows that Matter: Franz Xaver Messerschmidt’s Freakishly Fascinating ‘Character Heads’ at the Getty” for Artinfo.

“Shows that Matter: Concurrent Exhibitions of Jeff Koons Come to Kunsthalles Across Frankfurt” for Artinfo.

Recap of the Wassaic Project Summer Festival for Hyperallergic. The Wassaic Project holds residences and exhibitions in a former mill and barn in Wassaic, New York.

July 2012

Staten Island and the Man Who Really Invented the Telephone” on Hyperallergic, a recap of the Guggenheim Museum’s stillspotting nyc: staten island, which presented the immersive audio guide experience Telettrofono on the inventor Antonio Meucci, by Justin Bennett and Matthea Harvey.

Contributed photos to this writeup on Undercity’s Steve Duncan’s tour “Lost Streams of NYC: Walk the Route of Minetta Brook” on Untapped Cities.

Symbiotic Cooperation: Concept/OK Residency Artist Sarah Hearn” in Art Focus, a profile on the artist Sarah Hearn and her art project centered on collecting lichens.

Manhattan’s Art of the Dead” on Hyperallergic, the third in an NYC cemetery art series for Hyperallergic, with this exploring the Trinity parish cemeteries in Manhattan, including Trinity Churchyard, St. Paul’s Churchyard, and Trinity Cemetery. The story was also published by Salon.

Brooklyn History: The One-Eyed Aviator of Floyd Bennett Field” on Brooklyn Based, a story on Floyd Bennet Field in Brooklyn, and the airfield’s role in 1930s aviator Wiley Post’s record-setting first solo flight around the world.

From the Bronx to Eternity” on Hyperallergic, an overview of the collection of art and 19th and 20th century mausoleums in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx in New York.

My photo of Brooklyn Bridge Park was used in “Take A Hike: 6 Gorgeous City Strolls” on NewNowNext.

June 2012

Lumen Festival Offers Another World on Staten Island” on Hyperallergic, a review of the one-night LUMEN video art and performance festival at an old salt factory on Staten Island. A photo for the story was featured on Animal NY as their “Parting Shot.”

Grave Reminders of Life” on Hyperallergic, exploring art of the 19th and 20th century in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Scoutmob featured the story on their Newsstand.

The Ambition and Arrogance of Exploration” on Hyperallergic, a review of the Mark Dion installation Phantoms of the Clark Expedition at the Explorers Club in New York.

Brooklyn History: Coney Island” on Brooklyn Based, an in-depth look into the truly bizarre history of one of America’s most famous beachside escapes.

The Part of Bushwick Open Studios that is Actually Ridgewood” on Hyperallergic, a visit to the Queens corner of the Brooklyn open studios weekend.

May 2012

Finding Common Ground at City Hall” on Hyperallergic, a walk through the Common Ground public art exhibit at City Hall Park in New York

A Very Gendered India: Prune Nourry’s Holy River” on Hyperallergic, a review of the artist Prune Nourry’s solo show at the Invisible Dog in Brooklyn

Art at Internet Week” on Hyperallergic, recapping a couple of panels on digital arts at the 2012 New York Internet Week

Imaging Urban Park Utopias” on Hyperallergic, a review of Brooklyn Utopias: Park Space, Play Space at the Old Stone House

Slow Art Advocate” in Art Focus, a profile on artist Heather Clark Hilliard

Rediscovering Paradise in the Bronx” on Hyperallergic, reviewing No Longer Empty’s This Side of Paradise at the Andrew Freedman Home

Brooklyn History: When Banks Were Better Built” on Brooklyn Based, exploring the ornate historic banks still standing in the borough.

At the 2012 Pulse Art Fair in New York” on Hyperallergic

April 2012

Press: “Obscura Day 2012” in Time Out New York, where I was featured as a guide for Atlas Obscura‘s Obscura Day

March 2012

Brooklyn History: The South Brooklyn Waterfront” on Brooklyn Based, an investigation into the huge industrial structures in South Brooklyn.

Virtually Sketching in Metal” on Hyperallergic, a feature on artist Bernard Klevickas’ solo show at Orchard Windows

Brooklyn History: Writers in the Heights” on Brooklyn Based, where I visit the former residences of famous authors in Brooklyn Heights

Paranoid Surveillance or Entertaining Voyeurism?” on Hyperallergic, a review of Jon Kessler’s The Blue Period at Salon 94 Bowery

The Legacy of Edward Gorey Preserved at Columbia University” on Hyperallergic, a story on Gorey Preserved at the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Columbia University

A Visual Narrative: The Work of Milissa Burkart” in Art Focus, a profile on artist Milissa Burkart

February 2012

Three Points Make a Triangle at the Queens International” on Hyperallergic, a review of the 2012 Queens International at the Queens Art Museum

Beautiful Dirt” on Hyperallergic, a review of Swept Away: Dust, Ashes, and Dirt in Contemporary Art and Design at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD)

Seaport Museum Opens With Visual Display of Lower Manhattan’s Past and Present” on Hyperallergic, a feature on the reopening of the South Street Seaport Museum in New York

January 2012

Murder Is Weegee’s Business” on Hyperallergic, a story on the Weegee: Murder is My Business exhibit of the New York crime photographer at the International Center of Photography

Taking Stock: Six Artists From the First Three Years of Recession Art,” essays on six artists for the book published by Recession Art

In Case it Rains in Heaven” on Hyperallergic,  a review of Kurt Tong’s solo show at Jen Bekman Gallery

Brooklyn History: Our Famous Dead” on Brooklyn Based, a story on Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn and three of its famous and infamous residents

Brooklyn’s Photogenic Dead” on Brooklyn Based, a photo essay on Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn

Debris After an Artistic Storm” on Hyperallergic, a review of  David Gilbert’s  solo show Angels at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery

Vintage Printing” in Art Focus, a profile on artist Chelsea Dudek

Even the Artist Disappears” on Hyperallergic, a review of Rabih Mroué’s Looking for a Missing Employee at the Baryshnikov Arts Center, part of Performance Space 122‘s annual COIL festival

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