A Day Like Any Other :: New Museum

Wall of ribbon wishes at the New Museum.

Hundreds of wishes line the gallery wall on the first floor of the New Museum, printed on colored ribbons. They say things like “I Wish I Knew What Was To Be Done” or “I Wish It Was Benign” or “I Wish To Love And Be Love In Big Cities.” They’re part of A Day Like Any Other, the current exhibit by Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander. In the wish installation, visitors are asked to leave a wish on a piece of paper in place of the ribbon wish and then tie it around their wrist. When it falls off, the wish should come true.

My wish.

It’s a really interesting and engaging exhibit. Upstairs, a police sketch artist is drawing people’s first loves from their descriptions. You can see the resulting portraits, as well as the artist in action. I especially liked the gallery that had water buckets hanging from the ceiling, each with a hole in the bottom dripping into another bucket, so that there was a sound like rain in the museum.

A Day Like Any Other is definitely the best show I’ve seen at the New Museum. We even stopped by again on another day for new wishes.

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