A Walk Around 5Pointz

New York is pretty cleaned up these days and most tags and graffiti, even if they’re deep in the subway, get scrubbed away fairly quickly. However, up in Long Island City there’s an awesome place called 5Pointz where street artist can legally create their art. Almost every inch of the warehouse building is covered in murals and tags, with visiting and local artists regularly altering the walls, making every visit a new visual experience. During friends Bron and Mark‘s visit to NYC, we took the 7 train to Queens to explore the current paint on the 5Pointz walls.

Before the photos of the awesome art, I should mention that 5Pointz is unfortunately in danger of being closing and replaced with, of course, condos. However, I can’t find any recent information, so perhaps the plans have been stalled. You can read about the proposed demolition here on WNYC.

Okay, now the photos! I really hope 5Pointz stays around. There’s really nothing else like it in NYC.

3 thoughts on “A Walk Around 5Pointz

  1. fantastic photos and spectacular art!

  2. Allie says:

    Thanks! I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

  3. […] strange creatures in vibrant colors seem to be particularly popular right now. On the same day that I explored 5Pointz with Bron and Mark, we took the East River ferry from Long Island City to Williamsburg to continue […]

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