Lunar New Year Parade

As this was my first time attending the Lunar New Year Parade in Chinatown, I can’t say if there were more dragons than usual. But I’m guessing that the procession of swirling, winding dragons in vibrant colors that danced through the streets on January 29 were out in force for the Year of the Dragon celebration.

We made our way through the dense crowd to a short street that was then unknown to me called Mosco Street, which slopes down from Mott Street to Columbus Park. From there, we managed to glimpse the dragons and floats that came down the narrow street, and were showered in confetti from the parade and bystanders.

After we’d had all the crowd action we could handle, and plenty of views of bobbing dragon teeth timed with crisp cymbals, we walked to Sara D. Roosevelt Park for the block party. I liked that even the basketball goals were decorated with lanterns.

Lucky for us, we timed it in just a way that we ended up seeing the dragons again, this time with a closer view from the park. (I would recommend that if you go to the parade, just head straight to the park as it was much less crowded and you can get snacks.) This pair of dragons was our favorite, as they had the most energetic movement and some awesome eyes.

The park was also where the dragons collapsed into humans, and it was fun to see people standing around in fringed dragon pants, some dancing alone with the heads on. Afterward we moved north for much needed coffee, but I was still finding the glint of confetti in my hair the rest of the day.

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