Obscura Day 2012!

Catacombs at Green-Wood Cemetery from our Obscura Day 2011 visit 

What could be more fantastic than an international day of celebrating the world’s most curious wonders? Atlas Obscura, which I’ve contributed to in the form of some writing and cemetery explorations, is again hosting Obscura Day on April 28 (just a day after my birthday!).

I am leading a walk through monuments and gravestones for NYC disasters at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn (it’s almost sold out!), but there are events happening all over the place, including a street art and graffiti workshop with Alternative Berlin (remember when I took their tour during my 2009 visit?), a magic lantern presentation at the Dittrick Museum in Cleveland, a walk along the lost streams of NYC with Steve Duncan of the urban exploration site Undercity, and a street art photography workshop with Saddle Shoe Tours (who I took that LES street art tour with). Here is the complete list!

Nothing near you? Then click the “suggest an event” button. Or just go out on April 28 and appreciate a more offbeat corner of your world, and take photos, do the social media thing. We can all meet up in this wondrous place called the internet.

Here are my recaps of the 2010 and 2011 Obscura Days, and I’ve posted some recent photos of Green-Wood Cemetery to set the mood below.

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