Another Adventure, Another Safe Landing Home

I returned to NYC last night, concluding a two week visit to England where I spent time in London, Manchester, Leeds, and Canterbury, visiting friends and seeing sights. I am still adapting to the timezone change, but blogging recaps will be coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy some Instagram photos from my trip. (And if you want to see all my Instagram photos, click here.) It was my first time for me to use social media while traveling, and I found it was a great way to share glimpses of my adventures and also, through twitter, get some great travel tips. Don’t worry, though, I spent most of my time off the iPhone and enjoying the landscapes of new places and consuming lots of tea (it was rather cold and rainy, but I don’t mind that kind of weather as long as there are warm drinks). Here are the photos:

This is one of the many forked-tongue dragons prancing around London.

I enjoyed this whimsical street art near Spitalfields Market.

Sphinxes keep watch by Cleopatra’s Needle on the Thames.

Stormy skies, and a foreboding raven, set an ominous scene at Hyde Park.

This weeping lady adds to the haunting atmosphere in Kensal Green Cemetery.

In park-like Brompton Cemetery, people are invited to walk their dogs and ride their bikes in the broad lanes.

Karl Marx’s grave is in Highgate Cemetery.

Here is a biodiversified (that’s possibly not a real word) view in the Natural History Museum in London.

Charming Daunt Books offered a relaxing morning activity.

I was enchanted by this beautiful staircase installation by Do Ho Suh in the Tate Modern.

King’s Cross Station is futuristic.

This playful sculpture by Elmgreen & Dragset is in Trafalgar Square.

The Cathedral in Canterbury is quite commanding.

The stunning arches of St. Pancras make it the most beautiful train station I’ve ever seen.

Harrod’s department store is a weird place.

This statue of Newton outside the British Library was based on a William Blake study.

Okay, more to come!

2 thoughts on “Another Adventure, Another Safe Landing Home

  1. Paul meier says:

    Allie, the futuristic art at Kings Cross is virtually identical to the entrances at the 2010 Shanghai Expo. Could that be where he got the idea?


  2. Allie says:

    Interesting! I think they may have been built around the same time. I will do some research! There could also be some sort of futuristic arches trend going on.

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